Saturday, May 31, 2008

Europe Ventures - Part 2

As the days go we have a good time doing the tour rituals, which is pretty much.

1. Wake Up
2. Panic for Coffee
3. Freshen up and get the gear together
4. Drive for quite some while in an extremely hot tourbus
5. Make soundcheck
6. Play show
7. Get late to bed

It's pretty much that mantra we live by these days. It's a bit hard, but for every day that goes everything just goes more and more smooth towards excellence and we play better and better shows, changing the setlist everyday to make some difference.

Thursday - 29.05.2008

This night was at the venue called Steinbruch in Duisburg in northern germany, close to the netherland border. Probably the best venue this far in the tour, with very kind people, a perfect stage and really good sound.

Steinbruch is situated just on the outer rim of Duisburg and is a pretty popular place for both music and food. Which is no wonder since its a cozy place, where you can sit outside in the great weather and have your food and then go into the dark club to get some earache.

It was one of the best shows on the tour this far in terms of sound, but it wasnt exactly overvisited :-) bit of a shame, for this venue.

Still. We had a great time and ended up in one of the locals houses (arranged by the place) to sleep, but didnt really go to sleep, just had a good time in the garden. Just below is a mood picture of this. Sitting in the garden listening to "People Press Play" and "Faithless" was very nice.

I have put up the song Carousel recorded at that show for anyone interested to enjoy, I personally think it has pretty good sound.

Setlist of the night :
- Silent Carriers
- Carousel
- Skylights
- Trapped In Glass
- Ready For The Knife
- Sidekick Trip To Mars
- Acorns Fall
- Love/Respect Call

Tourbus playlist :
Metal again... seems like Cult Of Luna has hit the playlist for good :-) .. some more Sepultura a bit of Seigmen and then some

Late Night Venture - Carousel ( Live From Steinbruch in Duisburg )

Late Night Venture - Carousel .. Live from Steinbruch in Duisburg

-- Very soon i will post a whole lot of pictures here but just need to get a bit better net connection for that.

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