Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Europe Ventures - Part 6

It's early morning and I woke up just a short while ago, I'm pretty much always the first one up from sleep in Late Night Venture. When touring, I consider 5 hours sleep like a good long sleep, everythings working on the pumps.

I don't feel tired at all, just a way of living for a while. I'm sitting here at d:qliq's office in luxembourg after sleeping in their apartment. We got a show here tonight and I'm looking real forward to it. d:qliq is a cool place.

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Sunday - 01.06.2008
This was just our day off in the Amsterdam area, so we didnt do anything than just go to Amsterdam and relax, having some good food and just inhaling the moods of the canals. Amsterdam is such a nice city, I will definately come back another time, when I'm not touring.
My Cellphone broke this day, its very annoying, cause it works, but the microphone is broken, which means people can call me and talk to me, but they shouldnt expect an answer.
It's frustrating, the cellphone is good when we're apart to get things going and all that and then pretty annoying to not be able to speak

Monday - 02.06.2008 - Tübingen
Amsterdam -> Tübingen : 684 km . Thats just a very long drive, so we had to get up pretty early and drive the bus at 6AM towards Tübingen. When we left Amsterdam the GPS kindly said : Arrival: 12:15 , but wiser from knowledge of the european traffic infrastructure, we knew that this was a pure lie.

Arrival: 15:52 . This was the actual arrival time, due to loads of traffic queues different places in Germany, but definately worst around Stuttgart. Sitting in the bus with 30 degrees outside and just boiling, we had to once again put Faithless - We Come 1 on for FULL blast. Theres nothing like queues to stress you.

After arrival we split up and the rest of the band went to the arranger and after that to the place of concert, a small club with stone floor called Carisma. Tonights job was a backline job, meaning that we only needed a pretty short soundcheck and then a decission upon setlist.

We were the only band playing that night, so we chose upon a 2 set approach with more songs, which showed out to be a very good disposition.

Tübingen is a university town, but seems kind of small even though it isnt that small, its one of the southern germany cities with lots of old houses. Expectations were that not that may would arrive, but at the point of showtime, the place was pretty good booked and what a good night. Audience were very focused, listening enjoying, having a small in the middle and then even after playing set 2, we needed extra songs.

The setlist of the night :
Set 1:
- Silent Carriers
- Ready For The Knife
- Carousel
- Acorns Fall
- End Of I

Set 2:
- Skylights
- Lazy Star
- Trapped in glass
- Drift in a slipstream
- Love/Respect Call
- After

- Condition Lost

Tourbus playlist:
Tired of the metal, we went for the more electronica like stuff, so it was : The Album Leaf, Air, Charlotte Gainsbourgh, Björk, DNTEL, The Postal Service, People Press Play and some Camera Obscura to round things up.

Tuesday - 03.06.2008 - Reims
After one excellent night in Tübingen, we got up and ready to drive for France and what a joy, only 1 queue on that distance, so it was a peaceful drive, that mostly consisted of a passionate driver and sleeping passangers.

Destination in Reims were the Pop Art Cafe, a small club with volume restrictions. We're getting used to conform ourselves change set and even playstyle to this, so we ended up playing a nice low-key set, with not very much noise in it. It's quite a contrast actually, because when we play the full live sound out, it get's really really noisy and infernal, but then when we change for low-key it just gets more dreamy and spacey its actually quite fun to do.

Setlist of the night:
- Lazy Star
- Carousel
- Trapped In Glass
- Ready For The Knife
- Sidekick Trip To Mars
- After
- Love/Respect Call

Tourbus playlist :
Silence, only a bit of Camera Obscura towards the end.

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