Wednesday, September 16, 2009

AND .... back on the road

I know it's been a long time.. pretty much no activity on the blog, I got personally and professionally overhauled and have had little time to update my blog, although I do enjoy doing that.

And then comes the time when I sit there once again at the backstage of a venue, with bandmates sleeping and me awake, getting ready for the show tonight at the fabulous d:qliq venue in luxembourg.

Time to write a bit on the blog, and within the next couple of days also post some memoires and some music and hopefully also some video footage, which will be recorded in the next couple of days.

Our small tour will this time include a stop at d:qliq in Luxembourg, Antje Öklesund in Berlin and Cafe Mule in Leipzig.

We're touring a bit here and there to support our release of the Illuminations EP, which is now available lots of different places around europe, for example at

But you can go and listen to all the songs and even a couple of pretty new demos that we have put online on our myspace.

At the moment just getting ready for tonight, hanging around in luxembourg, listening a bit to Lali Puna and the new Yo La Tengo stuff..

More to come

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