Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tour update September 2009

A couple of days around europe, playing at cool venues in Luxembourg, Berlin and Leipzig has ended.

It was a very joyful experience, playing for dedicated listeners at all three venues.

Luxembourg was a once again a joy to attend. You can't really say that there was a lot of people because that was really not the case. However, every single person seemed to enjoy the show.

Luxembourg is somehow a very quiet town, mostly consisting of a population of bankers ( several people attending our show was actually bankers :-) ), but the d:qliq venue is something apart from that, it's run by Fred, the very dedicated manager of the place, and is in a very big contrast to the rest of the luxembourg life a place where alternative music can thrive.

A bit before the show, we had a visit at the Radio to give an interview, talking a lot about distortion, and who the typical LNV fan is.. Puzzling questions :-).. A german reviewer said in a review that we only do the kind of music we do, to hook up with girls and get summer festival crowds to wave their arms in euphoria. That's kind of funny :-) .. maybe that's our fans then, hard to tell.

Anyway.. Luxembourg was kind of as we expected, we had a good time, went late to bed and quite a hangover the day after.

In a later post I will put some recordings from the show here ( i just have to hear them through to make sure I don't post the ones with all the mistakes in ).

Day after was travelling day. 10 hr. drive to Berlin in a hot bus, arriving late, and went to our sleeping place. of course went out to have a couple of white russians and some beer before sleeping in.

Second show was at the venue Antje Öklesund i Rigaerstrasse in the heart of Friedrichshain, Berlin.

And what a cool place, completely DIY, with lots of art and a nice stage. Really one of our best shows was played there, more people, again very dedicated listeners, and a nice afterparty along with UK band : the rhythm method.

Pictures and video to be posted a bit later.

Finally we went to Leipzig to play at the Cafe Mule, a special place for me, since I met my wife there. This night was the last night the cafe would have live music ever, so quite a special night. Lots of people came, we played a longer show, and again had a really good time.

I will Post a bit more in detail about the days, along with som live clips and pics, but for now you can watch this lo-fi video taken at the Cafe Mule in Leipzig.

A pretty new song, in the beginning of the show :

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