Monday, September 28, 2009

Report from Berlin

Berlin ! .

We've played quite some times in Berlin for now, we've played goth clubs, soup kitchens, minor zoos and this time we ventured right in on an indian summer night to the fabulous ruins of Antje Öklesund. Placed in the backyard of common buildings in the mid of Rigaer Strasse, in between squads, punk afficianado stores, yellow light kebab pushers and just plain berlin condos, with no sort of indication that there could be a club here, we found the place...

This is kind of a dream place to play a gig, very flexible, you can refurnish the stage you can move things about and on top of it all, there were really nice people helping us out with sounds, carrying, serving us mexicans.

That night we played with UK band, The Rhythm Method, really nice guys that we hanged out with, drank some beer and wasted time until it was around showtime. So to kick it off the place offered us Mexican shots ( bloody mary with a bit more tabasco i would guess ) , and shortly after we were about to start.

Everyting about the show was perfect for us.. cool setting, a dedicated crowd listening to every single noise burst and that just gives us so much energy, so ended up being a real cool show and also a really good afterparty.

I've put up some videos to show what it was all about (all of them pretty lofi and recorded by Peter from Quartermain Records, crawling around :

Opening song that evening :

Not so long after, we took on Sidekick Trip To Mars from the "Illuminations" EP

And then some postcore .. Acorns Fall again from the "Illuminations" EP, with a bit of "Dawn" new song in the beginning

and one of the finals.. Carisma


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